Consular Affairs


Specific requirements:


*  Kindly refer to the Area of Jurisdiction.

* The heir/heiress/beneficiary(s) or his/her (their) representative(s) should submit to the Embassy within ninety days from the date of death, a written statement including the following information: the name and address of the deceased, his/her heirs/beneficiary(s) from the inheritance as well as a full description of the wealth inherited including its real value and the location of the properties, if applicable

* The original copy of the Will should be provided, notarized by the Notary Public and legalized by the State Office of the Department of Foreign Affairs & Trade and forwarded (plus a photostat copy) to the Embassy along with:

- The Death Certificate, which requires to be registered first. (see “Registration of Death”). 

- Copy(ies) of I.D.(s) of heir/beneficiary(s).

- A Money Order or a Bank Cheque payable to the “Embassy of Lebanon” for the amount of     A$ 78.50. NO additional fee if an amount of money is mentioned.

- A self-addressed, stamped (or Priority Prepaid) return envelope.


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