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Beirut became a centre of learning, renewed and intense intellectual activity since the eighteenth century:

The American University was founded in 1866 and the Jesuite University in 1875.

Lebanese monastic orders as well as some Moslem Ulema took an active part in education establishing secondary schools such as the “Ecole des Trois Docteurs” ‘thalathat akmar’ (1852), the National School of Boutros al-Boustani (1863), the Patriarchal College (1865), Ecole de la Sagesse (1872), Makassed College (1880), and Sheikh Ahmad Abbas College (1897) … contributing to the Arab Renaissance.

Among the eminent intellectuals from that period are: the philologists and grammarians Nassif al-Yazigi and his son Ibrahim, Youssuf al-Asir, Mohammad al-Hout, Ahmad Fares al-Chidiac, Abdallah al-Boustani, Ahmad Abbas al-Ahdab, fathers Louis Cheikhu and Louis Malouf, the encyclopedists Boutros and Salim al-Boustani, the historians Patriarch Maximus Mazloum and Bishop Youssuf al-Dibs.

Printing presses flourished with the Imprimerie Catholique founded in 1848 by the Jesuites.

Daily newspapers and political, literary reviews were published: Hadikat al-Akhbar (1858) of Khalil al-Khoury, “Nafir Souria” (1860), and “al-Jinan” (1870) of Youssuf Chalfoun, “Thamarat al-Founoun’ of Abd el-Qader Kabbani, “al-Muktataf” (1876) of Fares Nimr and Yacoub Sarrouf, “Beirut” (1886) of Moumammad al-Dana, “Lissan ul-Hal” of Khalil Sarkis and “al-Mashrik” of the Jesuite Fathers. Turkish censorship led many to migrate to Egypt where they founded “al-Muktataf” of Fares Nimr and Yacoub Sarrouf, “al-Hilal” of Girgi Zaidan, “ad-Dia” of Ibrahim al-Yazigi and the most famous al-Ahram newspaper of Salim and Beshara Takla.

The literary movement continued with the Lebanese migrants, the most famous being: Gebran Khalil Gebran, Amin al-Rihani, Elyia Abou Madi, Khalil Moutran, Gergi Zaidan and Mikhail Nouaymi.


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