Covid-19 will change a lot of things for small businesses around the world. While it will impact the businesses due to the lockdowns while making local sales, it will also open new opportunities for people to grow their business around the world. The entrepreneurs are becoming more optimistic during these times of pandemics. In the meanwhile, they will also focus on capitalizing on the trends that will impact the industries in the coming years.

Social media marketing

In the coming years, we will see more social media marketing used by influencers and businesses to promote their products and services. Social media has become a growing marketing tool for marketers. While social media marketing is important today, it is also equally competitive as every business wants to create brand awareness on different social media platforms.


Paid placement advertising

The paid placement advertisements are a trend that is only a decade old but is expected to grow in the coming years. More sponsored content will become acceptable as the audience prefers the ads to be authentic when presented in sponsored content. Paid placements are going to be immersive and video-centric, making it hard to tell the difference between paid and earned.

Multimedia spend

The press releases are becoming obsolete as video announcements with reliable companies is a better option today to promote content. Experts believe press releases are already a thing of the past and are no longer valuable. More brands are looking for media companies to create as interactive videos as possible rather than spend on text-based releases.

AR and VR

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality have been around for a while now. However, none of the companies has yet had a breakthrough in terms of business adoption. It is an opportunity for small businesses to lead this market with their innovative products and tools. It will also make the business stand out from the general competition in the market by selling something futuristic.

AI and Big Data

Artificial intelligence is everywhere today, developing smart devices for data analytics and ease of function. Combined with big data, AI can collect massive troves of information and make sense of it using machine learning. It can help businesses gain better insights into their campaigns and management. AI and machine learning are easy to work with for small businesses looking to invest in new technologies for marketing services.

New tech adoption

Small businesses will become more capable of adopting the latest technologies in the market without having to compete with bigger brands in the market. They can create quality gadgets and products that work with the latest technology and still gain attention in the market as an innovator. It will provide an edge to the small businesses that drive the latest technologies like VR and machine learning.