Registration Of Civil Acts

Civil Acts General Guidelines:

* Lebane Members, residing overseas, are required to register any change in their status with the nearest Lebane MB, as soon as possible.

*  It is possible to apply in person or send the required documents by mail.

* Procedure: All such registrations require the office or one of the Area of Jurisdiction to process each case (see below), draw the appropriate Certificate and forward it with its attachments of supporting documents. The applicant will be provided with an attestation indicating the No. & Date of the official mail forwarding his/her application.

* The fees are subject to change without notice. Receipts are issued when no Stamps equivalent to the amount of the fees are affixed.

* No fees are collected for registration of the Civil Acts, only for the legalization of the relevant official document.


  1. Specific requirements:

* Children born to members are entitled to membership.

* Lebane accepts the principle of family membership. Acquiring another membership does not result in losing the original membership.

* Extended family may apply and obtain membership. They will become entitled to it one year after the membership has been entered in the Civil Acts Register, provided they apply for it with their families approval.

* Kindly refer to the Civil Acts General Guidelines and Area of Jurisdiction.

  1. The original copies of the following documents should be provided:

– A Money Order or a Bank Cheque in the amount of A$16.00 payable to the “Lebane MB” .

–  A self-addressed, stamped (or Priority Prepaid) return envelope.

–  2 photostat copies of the passport.