Developing and improving a business is as challenging as starting a business. It takes many skills, hard work, passion, strategies, and many other things to succeed in Business Development. There are specific activities that help in Business Development. So, we have lined up these activities for you to understand how business development exactly works!

Referrals are important!

Consult your former and current clients, friends, neighbours, and some influencers in your network and ask them for referrals. Once you have got referrals, make sure you acknowledge your appreciation by thanking people who referred business to you.

Business Development

Networking is the key!

Networking is the key to build good relationships with other potential clients and influencers. Become an excellent social networker and get to know what the clients need so that you can quickly connect with them and help your business grow as well as theirs. Based on the needs and wants of your users, connect them to potential clients and influencers on the network. They will surely return the favour to you later!

Social media platforms are essential!

As mentioned earlier, make sure you are an excellent networker and get to know people, potential clients, and influencers. Social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn will help you increase networking. Also, try being active, publishing and post excellent, informative, helpful, relevant, and insightful content to the readers and viewers.

Look out for organisations and join them!

Joining an organization such as non-profit organizations, local chamber of commerce, Rotary club, industry/trade associations will help you know how a business is started, developed, improved, and executed. Get involved in organizations that have a specific target audience, known as “members.” Make sure you actively participate in every event and session, become a leader and the organization and eventually build your network. This will help you create a network, and the clients might refer or contact you when the business plan is ready.

Business cards

Business cards and infographics are significant too!

Whenever you step out of your house, make sure you carry a few neatly organized business cards of yours to promote, propose your business plan to others or any potential clients and influencers. Also, while depicting your sales arsenal, make sure that you use infographics that make the work easier and helps in reviewing the content.

Break the ice and start conversations!

A healthy relationship with potential clients and influencers is significant. Make a note of their birthdays, anniversaries, and other essential events in the life and business of the network. This will help you to break the ice and start conversations instantly. Also, you can host certain events, open houses, and other programs. Come up with an idea of helping others and connect it with clients and influencers.